Neighborhood Royalties is also interested in purchasing your working interest. In order to perform a thorough and accurate assessment of your working interests, please send us your twelve most recent expense statements and the three most recent revenue statements. Fill out a Contact Us form now, or call us at (214) 973-0522 to receive a free offer on selling your working interest. There is no obligation and the entire process is confidential and discrete.

Why Sell a Working Interest

The sale of a working interest:

  1. Releases the working interest partner of liability on the lease from the sale date forward.
  2. Eliminates the high risk of a drop in production or decline to the point where a well or wells are uneconomic to operate. Working interest partners are responsible for the cost to plug a well.
  3. Relieves the working interest partners of the expense associated with operating a well. Depending on the operator, this expense can actually cause a lease to operate at a net loss.

We understand that everybody has a different reason to sell their minerals, royalties and overriding royalties. Our job is to make the entire process fair, thorough, and transparent to provide you the maximum value you deserve.

Interested in selling your royalty/working interest?

Our team is standing by ready to help. Please contact us at (214) 973-0522, email us at or fill out the Request a Bid form and a representative will contact you.

There is no obligation and the entire process is confidential and discrete.

  • Neighborhood Royalties was fast, professional, and helpful in the closing of our mineral rights. I would definitely recommend them for anybody interesting in selling their rights.

    Mr. Smith
  • After hitting a rough patch, we needed some cash fast. Neighborhood Royalties was able to assess, offer, and close our deed in three days. It was exactly what we needed at the time.

    Mrs. Landrus
  • With one child in college and another going, a monthly check was just not going to cut it anymore. Neighborhood Royalties understood this, and provided us the maximum value for our property

    Mr. Toms
  • When my mineral rights were passed down to me, it was hard keeping track of our monthly checks and tax filings. Finally, after selling our mineral rights to Neighborhood Royalties, we now get to enjoy the benefits without the hassle of record-keeping. Thanks, Neighborhood Royalties!

    Mr. Michael